County Mayo

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County Mayo (Wild Atlantic Way Route Maps)

County Mayo is located North of County Galway along the North Western part of Ireland and forms part of the Province of Connaught.

This beautiful Irish County is home to the largest Island in Ireland, Achill Island. This island is also one of the most spectacular to visit with its wonderful Keem and Keel beaches that are just absolutely beautiful.

There are three Wild Atlantic Way Signature Points in County Mayo:

  1. Killary Harbour
  2. Keem Strand
  3. Downpatrick Head

The actual signpost for Killary Harbour is located in Galway, but Killary Fjord is between Mayo and Galway.

I have created three routes through the Wild Atlantic Way in Mayo. Recently I added the Mullet Peninsula.

These three routes are summarized below.

County Mayo Route Maps

Route 2. Aasleagh Falls to Keel Beach. [Blog Post]

Approx. 173km distance, 3 hrs 45 minutes driving time.

This route from Aasleagh Falls to Keel Beach on Achill Island is a lovely drive along the Wild Atlantic Way in Mayo, with some interesting sites to visit along the way.

Go for a stroll on Silver Strand or perhaps stay on Clare Island for a night.

Silverstrand, wild atlantic way discovery point, wild atlantic way mayo

Stop at Westport for lunch, or overnight there and camp at Westport House. Or perhaps a hike up Croagh Patrick?

croagh patrick, wild atlantic way mayo, hiking wild atlantic way, map of wild atlantic way, map of the wild atlantic way
Croagh Patrick

Much of the drive follows the coast and there are some great views out to Clare Island, especially once you reach Achill Island. The road after Mulranny is spectacular on a sunny day.

Clare Island from Carrownisky Beach, wild atlantic way routes, the wild atlantic way route, county of mayo in ireland map
Clare Island from Carrownisky Beach

The roads vary from some well tarmacked two-lane roads along the Lough in Doo Lough Valley for example, to some quite narrow single-tracked roads.

There are plenty of sheep around, which seem to become more numerous once you get closer to Achill Island. So watch your speed and enjoy the views along the way.

Keel Beach Achill island, wild camping, camping wild atlantic way, campsites on the wild atlantic way, wild atlantic way planner, wild atlantic way route
Keel Beach

Going North from Achill

Route 1. Keel Beach to Ballina. [Blog Post]

Approx. 236km distance, 4 hrs 30 minutes driving time

This route from Keel Beach to Ballina Quay in Mayo has some spectacular places to visit. Firstly it includes one of the top beaches in the world at Keem beach.

This is one of the top locations for the filming of the Banshees of Inisherin with Colm Doherty’s cottage in the central position.

Keem Beach Photos, county of mayo in ireland map, Banshees of Inisherin, Colm Doherty
Keem Beach

Achill Island itself is spectacular. There are plenty of watersports and other activities to do on the lake and in the sea. It is worth perhaps staying a few days on Achill Island to enjoy what the island has to offer.

This particular route is quite a long one and some parts of the road, in my opinion, are not as amazing as other parts of the Wild Atlantic Way. But perhaps the weather influenced my experience.

Having returned though recently, I would certainly say that a visit to Benwee head is worth the time, if you have it, even though it is quite a detour off this route.

Benwee Head, Cliffs, mayo
Benwee Head

But as destinations go, Achill Island is definitely a must-see.

Route 1A. The Mullet Peninsula [Blog post]

Approx. 85km distance, 1 hrs 36 minutes driving time

The Mullet Peninsula is actually located about halfway along Route 1 (Keel to Ballina). So depending on your available time, you can decide to omit it completely or split the Keel to Ballina route (Route 1) and follow this one. It is up to you and what you wish to see.

Blacksod lighthouse, belmullet county mayo ireland, belmullet county mayo, county mayo map
Blacksod Lighthouse, Mullet Peninsula

Check out the blog post to discover what is on the Mullet Peninsula.

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