Explore the Wild Atlantic Way!

Come and explore the Wild Atlantic Way on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. The best road trip in the World!

Explore the Wild Atlantic Way!!

This website helps you to explore the Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of Ireland.

At 2,600km+ the Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest, and certainly, one of the most beautiful coastal road trips in the world.

Wild Atlantic Way Route Google Maps
Keem Beach, co. Mayo

You may have to go on several trips to see all of it, but you will never regret it.

The scenery is outstanding, the roads are fun, the people are friendly, and there is plenty to do and see. And of course, you can expect a really hospitable Irish welcome wherever you are.

Driving Routes from EXPLOREWAW.COM

This site provides free driving routes along all stretches of the Wild Atlantic Way maps. The routes are each designed to be approximately one day of exploration and to allow for stops along the way. Some may be longer or shorter however depending on what you wish to see.

Each route has its own post describing the route and the Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points along it.

The Google Maps routes can be downloaded to your phone or tablet to allow you to navigate your trip easily. All the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) Signature and Discovery points along the way are clearly marked on the routes so you do not miss any along the way.

A typical Google Maps route on this site looks like this:

The routes also include other interesting sites or Points of Interest (POI’s) along the way which you may wish to visit. Try exploring the locations by clicking the top left corner of the map and then the locations to see descriptions, photos and other relevant links.

Follow this link to find out how to use the routes in Google maps.

keel beach, Wild Atlantic Way
Keel Beach, Achill Island

The POI’s in the maps have photos so you can see what you will be visiting. Some have related videos. So you can plan ahead and decide which places you want to avoid and make your own bespoke journey.

How to Explore The Wild Atlantic Way

  • Find the suitable route(s) to match your trip duration and location
  • Download the route(s) into Google Maps on your phone or tablet
  • Read about the most interesting POI’s (points of interest) to visit along the way
  • Plan your trip to ensure you see exactly the things that interest you

And if, unfortunately for some reason, you are unable to visit Ireland in person, you can at least explore the Wild Atlantic Way from the comfort of your home on your desktop or laptop:

  • Pick the county and read about points of interest along the way find links to other relevant sites
  • Browse the content – textual descriptions, photographs and videos
  • Do your own virtual tour of the Wild Atlantic Way

The photos and videos are ones that I have taken during my travels.

If you download the routes, the information is updated automatically whenever I update the information online.

I do hope you find this site useful.

Site Goals

The author of this site, Gavin, is a well-hardened traveller, having travelled to 45 + countries and worked in many parts of the world. I understand the importance of proper trip planning.

People have different ways of travelling, whether it be active, passive, relaxed or full-on.

Here, I try and help you get the most out of your trip so that you can enjoy yourself while you are in Ireland as much as possible. Save time planning and get out and explore!

And even if you cannot visit in person I hope you will be able to bring back some memories to make you feel as if you have been here. Or at least remind you of the places you have visited in the past.

Have a great time visiting the West Coast of Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW for short), whether you do it in person or online!

Some links to read about the Wild Atlantic Way:

What is the Wild Atlantic Way

How to get to the Wild Atlantic Way

How to travel the Wild Atlantic Way

Or just go to the following links to start planning!! You can also find these in the menu at the top of the page.

How to use this site

How to use the route files in Google Maps



Watch this video on YouTube

Find the full videos along the Wild Atlantic Way on my YouTube site here.

Note: This is an unofficial site, unrelated to Fáilte Ireland but with the same aims of promoting and assisting visiting tourists to Ireland.

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