County Donegal

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Donegal – the Forgotten County

Donegal is positioned in the Northwest of Ireland and is one of the counties making up the Province of Ulster. It is the only county in Ulster that is on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Six of the nine counties in Ulster are situated in Northern Ireland, which is still part of the United Kingdom. The three counties in Ulster that are part of the Republic of Ireland are Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan.

Donegal is quite a distance from other parts of Ireland, also with regard to motorway infrastructure, so it is sometimes referred to as the forgotten county as it is more difficult to access.

You will notice that the Irish accent begins to sound more like a Northern Irish accent as you move into Donegal, even though Donegal is not part of Northern Ireland.

Having said that Donegal has some of the most spectacular views, roads and beaches in the entire country.

Malin Beg
Malin Beg, Silverstrand Beach in Donegal

If you are looking for isolation, peace, views, Northern Irish accents, hospitality and Irish craic then Donegal is the place to visit.

Just beware of the midges 😊! Just as in Scotland in the summer months, in some areas the county can get plagued with these tiny little flying insects that can be quite annoying and in some ways worse than mosquitoes. A good dose of insect repellant Smidge keeps them away though. So keep a can with you if you are camping out.

The Wild Atlantic Way ends, or starts, depending on which direction you are travelling in Muff, in Donegal. Muff is located just North of Derry (or Londonderry).

I travelled South to North so on your way back South you can pass through into Derry from Muff and even follow the Coastal Route in Northern Ireland if you have time and inclination. I have not done this yet, but it is on my list to travel still, as it is also very beautiful.

Donegal Driving Routes Along the Wild Atlantic Way

In Donegal I have created 4 routes, going from South to North along the Wild Atlantic Way. The first one starts at the border with Leitrim. The rest follow on up. Allow a day for each route as the driving times are actual driving times.

You can travel in either direction with these routes.

Route 4. Leitrim/Donegal Border to Narin/Portloo Beach

Approx. 162 km distance, 3 hrs 31 minutes driving time

Route 3. Narin/Portloo Beach to Rosguill

Approx. 147 km distance, 3 hrs 8 minutes driving time

Route 2. Rosguill Peninsular to Lisfannon

Approx. 119 km distance, 2 hrs 17 minutes driving time

Route 1. Lisfannon to Muff

Approx. 151 kms distance, 3 hrs 12 minutes driving time

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